Critical Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

We all know someone who has suffered from a critical illness. The hardship that is typically endured, both physical and financial, can be nothing short of overwhelming.

Critical Illness Insurance is life insurance underwritten by Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company (CBL) designed to alleviate the financial burden that often accompanies those afflicted with a serious illness, such as invasive cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke. It's a strong supplement to most health insurance policies, and helps those who are suffering turn their focus from financial hardship to physical recovery.

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Coverage is made available through CBL, an A.M Best A-rated life insurance company.* Features and benefits include:

  • Up to $100,000 lump sum after first diagnosis of a covered illness**
  • Relief from financial stress during times of physical hardship
  • Freedom to spend the money at your discretion
  • A wide range of conditions covered up to 100%


Please note: This insurance does not provide Minimum Essential Coverage as defined by the Affordable Care Act. Unless an exemption applies, failure to maintain Minimum Essential Coverage may trigger the individual mandate tax.

*Affirmed January 27, 2010, A.M. Best Company rates the overall financial result of a company using a scale of A++ (Superior) to F (In Liquidation).

**Critical Illness benefit payments are covered for conditions diagnosed at least 30 days after policy effective date (60 days for cancer). Covered condition are defined in the policy. The actual policy definitions should be consulted and will control.

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* iCan is NOT an insurance company. Policy forms, rates, plans, availability and conditions may vary by state. Coverage availability and rates depend on a variety of factors, and not everyone will qualify for all coverage types or the lowest or preferred rates. Other limitations and exclusions may apply.